The Vision

Raising up a prophetic generation to speak to the cultures of the world with the empowered Voice of Heaven.


Aligning people with their God-defined destiny.



Equipping those who will speak to the cultures of our world.


Uncovering the unique sound of  Spirit-empowered voices.

About Garris and Jan

Garris and Jan Elkins serve the global Church through writing, speaking, and mentoring. They live in southern Oregon, tucked away in the foothills of the Rogue Valley. Their shared desire is to have each person learn how to hear the heart of God and become a transforming voice in their culture.

Recent Blog Articles

Garris writes on many topics across a wide spectrum of subjects. Many times he uses his own life experiences to highlight a truth or principle.

Challenging a Que Sera, Sera Spirit

For the last week, I have carried a strong sense of intercessory prayer for our nation and the Church. That strong sense has not lessened; it has increased. When I was a kid in the 1950s, Doris Day was a major Hollywood star. She was cute, loved by all, and one of our...

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When Opinions Differ

Over the last couple of days, I have followed a heated conversation between pastors over a comment made by a respected leader from within their circle of fellowship. Today, some of those posts have been deleted on both sides of the issue. I am assuming the deletions...

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Our Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories are plentiful of late. These theories come and go each time a culture undergoes significant change. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a conspiracy theory as "a theory that explains an event or set of circumstances as the result of a secret...

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God-Directed Diversions

God-Directed Diversions

I was hiking the trails above our home. The area is a historic mining site from the local gold rush of the 1850s. Still visible today are prospector “glory holes.” These are investigative holes miners dug to seek out gold deposits. They cover the hillsides. As I...

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A Winnowing Moment

In the last twenty-four hours, an intense winnowing has begun in the American Church. Our thoughts, motives, and places of personal deception are being tossed into the air by the Lord to encounter the wind of His Spirit. Much has remained hidden beneath the husk of...

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The Disturbing Light of Truth

When I read how the Lord challenged Job concerning his faith, a portion of a verse caught my eye, “The light disturbs the wicked” (38:15a). We think of light as simply illuminating things or defining day and night, but light also has an aggressive side. It is...

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Latest Release

As people of faith—from the very beginning of our recorded history—we have loved to gather and stay gathered. Community is healthy and necessary. But it is unhealthy if it stalls the assignment given to us by Jesus—the assignment known as the Great Commission. We have been given a mandate to tell the nations of the wonderful things God has done for humanity. We have also been called to leave our personal Jerusalem to venture outward with the Good News.

Our calling is one of expansion and exploration. This can be a physical or mental migration. Geographical expansion can come about through persecution like the Early Church experienced or like the pilgrims who fled religious persecution in Europe to start a new life in America.

We can also expand by a change in thinking—in how we see our role in God’s Kingdom. This often begins with feeling frustrated about the static status quo. We may glimpse a new and unrealized aspect of God and His Kingdom, and that insight will begin to stir the beginnings of a personal transition. Expansion has been part of the spiritual DNA of the Church since Pentecost.