#12 The Hidden Reef Of Self-Pity

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(“Thoughts I Want To Leave Behind” is a collection of thoughts and impressions I want to leave behind as I begin to make my final pastoral transition.)

#12 The Hidden Reef Of Self-Pity

There is a reef hidden under the surface of your life-journey.  It is called self-pity.  Self-pity remains hidden away like an uncharted coral reef.  It is hard to detect and easy to strike if not recognized with honesty.

Self-pity says, “I always need to be treated fairly.”  “I always need to be understood.” “I always need to be accepted.” This “I need” attitude is really a demand we make of God and others when the grind of life has left us feeling alone.  We want the pain to go away, but don’t know how to make it happen.  In these times self-pity invites us to make a subtle course adjustment to align our thinking with the direction of its lie.  Disaster awaits all who sail this course.

God has always been with you. Never allow self-pity to linger in your thoughts convincing you that you are alone and no one understands your plight.  Self-pity is a stowaway who possesses a false set of navigational charts that will be offered to you in times of conflict and depression.  Throw this imposter overboard. This is a task only you can do. Once this lie is recognized you will be free to sail forward without fear into the deep waters of the Spirit.  Your life will become a confident journey once again when you allow God to take the helm of your thoughts.


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