“2013 – The Joseph Anointing” by Garris Elkins

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2013 will be a year the Church begins to experience the release
of a Joseph Anointing. This Joseph Anointing will be like the story recorded in
Genesis when God called Joseph from a pit to a palace to help Israel and the
surrounding nations survive a coming season of famine. God is releasing this
anointing upon his people so we can become a supernatural blessing of wisdom
and resource for the nations of the world.

Joseph was a pivotal figure in the history of Israel.  God called Joseph to stand in the gap for
Israel between desolation and their future destiny. Joseph came to this
position bringing nothing with him.  He
was thrown into a pit and left for dead. He was then taken out of the pit and sold
into slavery by the very people who should have loved him – his brothers. After
being falsely accused of a sexual assault, he was put in prison and stayed
there until God raised him up to a place of prominence and authority as second
in command to Pharaoh.  Through all the
heartache and hardship he experienced, God never abandoned Joseph.

In the Book of Genesis, where the events of Joseph’s life
are recorded, I noticed three components of his anointing – Dream
Interpretation, Apostolic Administration and Reconciliation. These components
can function through a single person or they can be released through a group of
believers functioning with a common vision. 

The Strategic Placement of Dream Interpreters

Dream interpreters will rise in prominence in this anointing.  Both in prison and in the courts of Pharaoh,
it was Joseph’s ability to interpret dreams that gave him audience with those
in authority. Some of the people who will have these dreams hold positions of
governmental authority and others work in the highest levels of the corporate
world where normal routes of access to them are restricted.   The dreams of these individuals, and their
need to understand them, will become the bridge that connects these dreamers
with those gifted with God’s interpretation of dreams.

The Rise of Apostolic Administration

There will be a release and recognition of the supernatural
aspect of the administrative gift.  Some
see the gift of administration in a lesser light than God intends it to be seen.
There will be a rising up of Administrative Apostles.

In Potiphar’s house, in prison, and before Pharaoh, the
administrative gift in Joseph was the gift God used to release his blessing to
the nations.  The detailed administrative
plan Joseph shared with Pharaoh became God’s supernatural provision and
solution to Pharaoh’s dream.  It provided
the structure that the nation of Egypt and the surrounding nations needed to
survive during a famine. 

Reconciliation of Nations through Families

After experiencing deep personal pain and rejection, Joseph
was willing to make a way for his family to survive the famine. He did not
allow his painful personal history to be a roadblock to what God desired to do
in his family and as a result the nation of Israel was spared from starvation. 

The provision of physical needs was a vehicle God used to
bring restoration and reconciliation to Joseph’s family and to Israel.  Joseph’s anointing was able to flow because
he was willing to reconcile with those who had wronged him.

One of the greatest hindrances to the moving of God’s Spirit
in the midst of God’s people is the unwillingness to release an offense.  Reconcilers take practical and tangible steps
towards reconciliation no matter what the cost. Reconcilers initiate plans for healing and restoration.

Joseph wept as he reconciled with his family – this is the
heart of a reconciler. Behind each act of familial reconciliation there stands
a city or a nation waiting to be set free. 
Israel and the surrounding nations endured a severe famine because one
man was willing to reconcile with those who had wronged him.

As the Lord processed this word and the coming year with me,
he went on to reveal how this anointing would function:

As I chose to record
the works of my servant Joseph in a book about new beginnings, so my Presence
in you will become a place to birth a new beginning. This anointing will bring
a Genesis experience to my Church.

I am forming in you a
place of supernatural provision.  I have
put my Presence in you to become a silo of abundance resembling a farmer’s silo
that stores grain for a future planting. 
Like Joseph, you will come to this place of provision bringing nothing with
you, except my Presence. It will be from the depths of my Presence in you that
I will draw out this blessing for the nations.

This anointing will
not be a work of addition, but of supernatural multiplication. I will birth
this in you like I did when I multiplied the loaves and fish that fed thousands.
My provision will flow from what appears to the natural eye to be a place of nothingness.
It will become a miraculous provision that will surprise not only those who
receive it, but it will surprise my people. You will say, ‘Where did this come
from? How did abundance come from nothing?’

I will draw the nations
to you as I did to Joseph when I repositioned him in Egypt. They will come for a
survival provision, but I have more planned than just their survival.  I will use you to bring them into their destiny. 

The Joseph Anointing will
turn a famine into a feast; a lack into a gain and a set back into a leap
forward.  The nations will see that I am
in your midst.  Set the tables – a feast
of provision is coming.”

Finally, the trials and issues you have faced in your life
have been used by God to position you for the greatest impact.  As Joseph spoke to his brothers, the Lord
will also speak through you to those who have stood against you in the past.  As you are anointed and released you will be
able to say, like Joseph,  “God has sent me ahead of you to keep you and
your families alive and to preserve many survivors. So it was God who sent me
here, not you!”
Genesis 45: 7-8


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