“The Push of God has Begun” by Garris Elkins

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Recently, I took part in a conference with people attending
from all around the world. The worship was powerful.  During one of the morning worship sessions
the Lord began revealing to me a developing image of a father’s heart. I saw a
father gently pushing one of his children out onto a stage where the child was
about to take part in a school play.  He had
never been on this stage before. The child began to resist the Father’s gentle
push. He was afraid of being abandoned and left alone in front of the

As this image developed I realized this was a word for the
Church.  It was a picture of God who was
beginning to propel his people out onto the world stage by the breath of his
Spirit. Some who are feeling his push are resisting.  They have been given promises in the past that
have not yet been fulfilled and they are responding to God out of
disappointment and fatigue. 

As this image was taking place, I heard the Lord say,

“I am beginning to push
my people into a new season upon the world stage. This push will be a work of
my Spirit needed to overcome a reluctance that has developed in your hearts. I
will never call you to a new place where I would ever leave you alone and
without power.  As I told my servant
Joshua, I tell you today, ‘I will never leave you or forsake you.’ The stage
upon which I am now positioning you is a place complete with everything you
will need to accomplish my will.  My
presence will be your single resource in this new place. Bring nothing with
you. I want your trust to be placed in my presence alone, not in your
performance or what has worked for you in the past. I will stand with you in
this new place to help you experience the fullness of what I have called you to
do in my name.  I have begun a good work
in you and this push of my Spirit is to move you to a new place where you will
stand confident until my good work is completed in you.”

This is a season of countdown for the drawing of a curtain
where things God has promised are about to be seen.  Many have chosen to remain standing in the
wings of God’s miraculous stage instead of stepping out onto this visible
platform of faith.  It has been such a
long time that some have forgotten why they are waiting. They have forgotten
the words of their part in God’s play. They don’t remember their cue.  The push of God’s Spirit is coming to launch
them out onto God’s stage for a demonstration of His love and power as the
curtain of time is pulled back.


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