A Year of Unusual Rescue and Deliverance

by | Jan 2, 2019 | Deliverance, Father, Fear, Future, Miracles, Power | 0 comments

In the coming year, many of you will experience unusual and unimagined rescue and deliverance from deep and entrenched places of spiritual warfare. Until your release takes place the spiritual conflict will intensify and in some cases, become overwhelming. Your options will appear to be few, but God has another plan.

When you find yourself pinned down by spiritual enemy fire and can no longer move forward in any direction you are not without hope. In those moments when it feels like you have run out of options and you are about to be overrun and destroyed, the Lord will reveal His plan of intervention and rescue. When all hope seems lost, you will be asked to employ your greatest weapon in spiritual conflict – trust. This is not a trust in your abilities or the abilities of others to rescue you. It is your trust in the Almighty God who promises to never leave anyone alone on the battlefield of faith. Trust will become a place of supernatural revelation. Trust will reveal the way forward through the conflict when no way seems possible. If you can trust God in these engagements, you will spiritually live to fight another day.

As you continue to do battle the rest of us will begin hearing the sounds of worship coming from within the foxhole of your faith. These sounds will be the evidence that you have discovered the weapon of trust. Your act of worship will begin to announce victory in a place where the odds were stacked overwhelmingly against you. Your trust in God and the resulting sound of worship will dissolve the enemy’s target of fear on your chest and give you the courage to rise from your foxhole and run forward in courageous faith to secure your future.


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