Changing the Trajectory of Life and Culture

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This morning, I read that a potentially hazardous asteroid the size of the Seattle Space Needle will pass relatively close to Earth today. It will be close by space definition – 4.5 million miles. In April another large asteroid passed exceptionally close at 12, 000 miles. Each day our planet is littered with impacts from thousands of very small space particles that are the remnants of much larger objects. These space travelers, some the size of a car, explode upon entering our atmosphere giving us a display in the night sky.  

NASA is currently looking into ways to deflect the flight path of threatening asteroids if it is deemed large enough to pose a significant threat to humanity. One of the technologies being studied is the creation of spacecraft called gravity tractors. These spacecraft would employ something called mutual gravity attraction to change the flight path of the asteroid. The spacecraft would intercept the asteroid and lead it away from Earth into open space.

My wife, Jan, was asked to write an article for World Changer Magazine – Decade Edition. Jan’s article is titled “Magnetized.” Jan unpacked the concept that the Great Commission should be a magnetizing message drawing people to union with the Lord much like NASA’s idea of a gravitational tractor would draw an asteroid away from a path of death and destruction. 

The prophet Isaiah wrote about the coming magnetizing effect of the Gospel that would re-order civilization. God’s wisdom would become a magnet drawing people into a relationship with Him. His wisdom will, as Jan wrote would “resolve ethnic conflicts, settle international disputes, and determine peace. The world will be drawn to those who are peacemakers.”

When John the Baptist preached his words drew the population of the surrounding community out into the wilderness to hear the message of salvation. When Jesus walked by a group of fishermen, His magnetizing presence caused them to drop their nets and follow Him. On the Day of Pentecost, those gathered in Jerusalem from many nations came running to the magnetizing sound of the Spirit.

Our assignment is to live and speak in such a way that we become the equivalent of a gravitational tractor offering people a new life trajectory leading them to Jesus Christ. A religious spirit finds its meaning in contention and division and rejects a magnetizing message. The Spirit of the Lord sees all people as created in the image of God and needing to come home to His love as wayward prodigals to find peace, purpose, and fulfillment for their lives. That is a magnetizing message with enough spiritual gravitational pull to alter the direction of a single life and eventually, all of humanity.


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