9-1-1, What’s Your Emergency?

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Last week, I
flew to Spokane, Washington and rented a car to drive to Libby, Montana where I
was to minister for several days. The forecast was for snow during part of my
stay so I was concerned with the three-hour drive I would have through the
Rocky Mountains.

At the rental
car desk, I asked if they had any all-wheel-drive vehicles. The desk clerk said
they had one left. It was a hopped up Chrysler 300. The car was amazing. It had
leather-heated seats, a big growly motor and a navigational system with a large
screen display. It had way more bells and whistles than my 8-year-old Subaru
Impreza. I felt I was sitting behind the command console of a Star Trek

Before I drove
out of the rental lot, I took a few minutes to figure out the basic systems of
the car just to be able to drive it. It had a push button start which seemed
weird to me. Once I figured out how to move forward, I drove out of the rental
lot into a slushy rain that was trying to become snow. The more I drove the
car, the more I liked it. It had loads of power. I felt macho.

between Sandpoint and Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho, the bright headlights of a car
behind me became annoying. I reached up to flip my rearview mirror like I do on
my Subaru. What I did not realize was that a 9-1-1 emergency button was located
on the mirror. When I hit the button a loud voice came on the speaker, “9-1-1,
What’s your emergency!” I yelled, “I don’t have an emergency. This is a rental
car!” The screen on the navigational display started flashing an emergency
message and making an alarm sound. I frantically started pushing every button
on the dashboard and by the mercy of God, it somehow all stopped. My machismo
drained out somewhere along the northbound lanes of Highway 95 just south of
Bonner’s Ferry. For the remaining two hours of my drive to Libby, I had time to
think as I drove deeper into the mountains and as my heart rate and blood
pressure slowly returned to normal.

Sometimes we
create our own emergencies. Things happen that we did not intend to happen all
because we pushed the wrong button. We can easily believe lies about the people
we love and push the button of rejection. We can feel like the world is falling
apart and end up pushing the button of hopelessness. We can push the button of
assumption on all kinds of issues and create problems where no problem exists.
Just like I did in the rental car, you need to find the button that set off all
the alarms and disengage it to return your life back to a healthy place.

Have you hit the
wrong emotional button lately? Just like it was when you hit the wrong button
and set off the alarms of fear you can just as easily hit that same button and
disengage yourself from the fruit of your mistake. It will make the remainder
of the drive of your life a lot more enjoyable when all the alarms and false
warnings finally go silent and you can return to the peaceful sound of God’s goodness. 


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