A Changing Season in the Spirit

by | Sep 23, 2019 | Apostle, Change, Culture, Deliverance, Discernment, Favor, Future, Kingdom of God, Promise, Prophecy, Prophetic | 0 comments

Tomorrow is the first day of fall. This is a reoccurring change of seasons in the natural world. While natural seasons come and go year after year, changes of seasons in the spiritual realm are not so predictable. 

This week, apart from a change in the natural order, a significant change of seasons has taken place spiritually. Mark these days of September on your calendar for future reference. There will be a time coming when the by-product of this change in spiritual seasons will visit our lives with astounding testimonies. The wise ones among us will be able to walk those changes back to their point of origin to discover their birth took place at this time in our history. 

Lord, give us the eyes to see and the ears to hear these changes from your perspective as they unfold so that we will not be found wanting in our discernment.


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