A Cloud of God’s Glory

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People have different reactions to the unexplainable events of God. A person can respond with joy, suspicion or outright dismissal. These responses come for a variety of reasons. Something took place several years ago that could create one of those responses as you read what I am about to write.

My daughter, Anna, was one of the stage artists at Bethel Church in Redding, California when a glory cloud formed in the sanctuary. It was a beautiful and unusual event. I have watched the video and felt joy and amazement. In the video, you can see specks of gold swirling inside the cloud as it moved across the sanctuary. 

When the cloud first appeared, and the gold began to manifest, specks of gold rose in the cloud like it was rising to Heaven in concert with those worshipping. A few moments later, the gold specks began to fall all over the sanctuary. No one prayed the glory cloud into the sanctuary. It was simply a gift from God. Of course, as with anything that could rock the boat of a religious spirit, some have criticized the event thinking it was man-made. 

My daughter was painting a piece of prophetic art when the cloud released its gold. The gold specks fell into the wet paint of Anna’s artwork. The piece Anna was working on had to do with hope. Anna sold the original at the conclusion of the service and was commissioned to do two more of the same.

The God you love and serve is not one who lives in the box of our fear, disbelief or doubt. He lives beyond. He is beyond our fear of death and beyond our thoughts of lack. He is beyond the next step of faith we will take in our life-journey. He is beyond all things, yet near. He works in both dimensions because we need a God who is living beyond the limitations of this world, and yet always close enough to embrace us in our time of need.

Today, as you worship God without demanding anything from Him but the joy of His presence, a cloud of glory will swirl around your life. You may not see it, but it is always there when He is lifted up. For reasons unknown to any of us, occasionally that glory will manifest in this realm in a very tangible way leaving us with a hope that far outweighs any sorrow or trouble we may be experiencing. Miracles, hope, and glory are always embedded in the artwork of Heaven. Faith is the admission price to enter God’s gallery to view His magnificent work. Pay that price and you will be amazed at what you see.


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