A Commercial-Free Life

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Jan and I said goodbye to cable TV about 8 years ago, and we have never looked back. We did the same thing with a landline phone. We now only use our cell phones. 

Right after our cable TV service was terminated, we went to Netflix, Hulu and now, Amazon Prime. We like to watch TV series, mostly drama with a bit of spy intrigue. Some of these series are several seasons long. 

Yesterday, I noticed something. A show that is played on cable television has about 42 minutes of actual show time. The other 18 minutes are commercials. There is no comparison between watching a show that is continually being interrupted by commercials and one that runs straight through without interruption.  Sometimes a story can be lost in a sea of commercial product presentation and a continuous fear-based appeal for your money. TV shows with lots of commercials are like the lives of some people who no longer hear the voice of God because they have allowed other sounds to fill their thoughts – continuously. 

Where is your commercial-free zone? Where is that place where you can get the straight scoop on life from the Spirit without commercial interruption from religious or political pundits? This is more than a morning devotional time or a church service. It must become a cultivated lifestyle, 24/7. 

The story of this wonderful life being played out before you in plain sight. It can be missed if there are too many voices pulling on you for the attention of your intellect, choice, and resources. This never-ending cacophony has created such a level of frustration in some people they have checked out and closed their ears to all things, even the voice of God. 

Make a choice to turn off all the voices in your life that are vying for your time and attention. Do this until you are left with only the voice of the Spirit. In that quiet moment, rest. Fresh and surprising revelation is waiting to be released to you if you can find a commercial-free place in your life where the voice of God can actually be heard. When the clutter is removed, the revelation will come. God’s most significant revelations are spoken in a quiet tone to those with discerning ears who wait for Him in a quiet place.  

“So pay attention to how you hear. To those who listen to my teaching, more understanding will be given. But for those who are not listening, even what they think they understand will be taken away from them” (Luke 8:18).


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