A Cross-species Spiritual Harvest

by | Dec 26, 2015 | Apostle, Church, Faith, Future, Kingdom of God, Pentecost, Prophecy, Revelation, Revival, Spirit | 0 comments

This morning, I saw an image of a tree growing tomatoes. I had to do a double take even as I realized what I was seeing was an image birthed in the Spirit. Then the Lord said to me, “I will bear fruit that will seem out of place and out of species. My fruit will appear in places contrary to natural thinking. I will hang the fruit of My presence in places you have considered impossible to bear fruit. This will be My testimony to you of the beginning of something new.”

As you look up into the branches of 2016 expect to see the fruit of God’s presence hanging in the most unusual places – places some in the Church have said are impossible to bear cross-species fruit. God has grafted His presence into these impossible situations as a testimony of His love and power. He is inviting you to come and taste His goodness.


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