A Cultural Eruption is Taking Place

by | Feb 10, 2019 | Change, Culture, Holy Spirit, Kingdom of God, Reformation, Revelation, Spiritual Warfare | 0 comments

In the Spirit, I saw the image of multiple cultural volcanoes beginning an eruption cycle. This eruption cycle has not been detected by natural observation. These volcanoes have been smoldering inside each of the 7 mountains of societal influence (Government, Religion, Economy, Education, Arts & Entertainment, Media and Family). They have been activated for an eruption at this time in our national history. 

The fire of God’s Spirit has been heating up and exposing the hard rock of opposition to His will that has remained hidden within each mountain. Soon these hardened opposing forces will begin to melt under the heat of God’s transforming love. Their remnants will erupt and run down the slopes of each mountain like hot lava as a sign that God will not be mocked or His will opposed. 

Get ready. A rumbling is taking place. An eruption is imminent.


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