A Designated Path

by | Dec 19, 2019 | Freedom, Future, Prophecy, Prophetic, Revelation | 0 comments

For years, I have been hiking a section of trails above our home and today, I noticed a new sign. It was just put in place by those who manage the trail system. As soon as I snapped a picture, the Lord impressed on me, the sign was a metaphor for something He wanted to say. 

Some of the familiar paths we have walked in the past will no longer lead us to our God-ordained future. These trails have been marked by the Lord as no longer designated pathways when it comes to the future direction of our life. Many will be redirected in 2020 to align in a new direction with the purposes of God for the next decade and beyond.

As the New Year approaches do not follow assumptions from the past. Inquire of the Lord and follow the signs He places on your pathway. For some of us, it means returning to the trailhead of a previous revelation and reviewing the original map of our calling. In that review, a designation and a resulting redirection will be discovered. Follow it. It is your only safe and sure way forward.


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