A Different Kind of Dream

by | Jun 27, 2021 | Prophetic | 3 comments

I was asked by someone “What is your dream?” I responded, “I am living my dream.” My response caused my inquirer to pause, not knowing how to craft a follow-up question. I responded in the pause by saying, “I am in a place in my life not of my own making, but God’s direction and provision. He brought me here and fulfilled things in my life I had no idea I would ever experience. What I am living is not the result of a plan well executed. What I am living is an expression of God’s love and mercy toward a man who was never perfect or had life all figured out, but in my brokenness and fear I kept moving forward in His forgiveness and grace and the dream appeared.”

It’s OK to have a dream plan – the kind we create. For example, you need a plan to start a business. Those dreams are fulfilled by taking certain action steps toward a goal resulting in the fulfillment of a dream. There’s nothing wrong with that approach. There is another kind of dream where its fulfillment happens without a step-by-step plan. These dreams are fulfilled by what seem like disconnected acts of obedience that lead us to places we never would have imagined where a dream we did not know was possible, appears and becomes our reality. 

The kind of dream fulfillment I am talking about requires obedience that can appear like a series of disconnected acts of trust leading in no particular direction. In some cases, you may have people question your decision-making process because your life appears to be going in what they consider to be the wrong direction. This kind of trusting obedience that steps outside the bounds of practicality and predictability under the direction of God’s Spirit will lead us to places unimagined when our journey first began. In these places is where a dream will appear unannounced and invite us into the goodness of its fulfillment.


  1. Arlene Sarver

    Oh my, I never before saw the acts of obedience and trust so many years ago, culminating in the blessings I now am living, but through these words it becomes so much clearer. God has always had a plan and yet today still has a plan coming together out of sight, as it needs to be, or else we would attempt to tweak it or hurry it out of His timing. I so appreciate the insight He has given you to share. Thrilled to be seeing you and Jan today as you visit VCF. Her book is blessing my intercession in ways beyond my expectations.

  2. Scott Bergford

    Communicated so well. This is a great journey we are on. Can’t wait to see what HE is inviting us to walk with him in next! Love your way of communicating these “disconnected acts of trust” the way you have in your blog.

  3. Bev

    This presents a very liberating life view – I am living my dream because even though it’s tough, I know I’m following the Lord’s directions and that He definitely has a plan.. I sort of knew this but your article sets it out clearly and is very encouraging / thanks!


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