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A perilous juncture is created when a religious spirit and a political spirit join forces and become allies. This is an intersection where these two spirits join their energies and gather willing participants who choose to believe a narrative that at first glance sounds reasonable, but in the end, it will be discovered this alliance was working at the bidding of an ultimate master, the spirit of death. 

At some point in this alliance, the proponents of their agenda must force their will upon those who resist their demands, or the initiatives they propose will not be able to gain traction and control the masses. Anyone who opposes their agenda will be marked as an insurrectionist by the political spirit or as a heretic by the religious spirit. Those who refuse to comply in either realm will be marginalized. That marginalization will take place in a progressively more restrictive fashion until it obtains the desired result – compliance.

The Greatest Commandment that calls us to love God and our neighbors as ourselves has been hijacked by some in the Church. It has been reinterpreted to mean only one viewpoint is available to prove that we love our neighbor. But what if loving our neighbor means opposing those things we feel will harm our neighbors? This becomes especially challenging when an interpretation of reality goes against the approved and accepted narrative. What if those being accused of being rebellious are the ones who are carrying an unpopular and disruptive version of the truth on a matter?   At some point, the knowledge of that disruptive truth will be labeled as dangerous and a threat that must be silenced. A disruptive truth must be shielded from the masses because if revealed, it would dramatically shift the substance of the conversation and lead to a different outcome. 

The year 2022 will be a journey of discovery that will take us back to the headwaters of what we have been asked to drink without inquiry or question. At those headwaters, the Lord will reveal the poisons of deception that have been placed in the informational waters that are currently destroying families, cultures, and faith communities. Unusual revelations will come from within these camps that will unravel plans of deception. Overconfidence has caused the proponents of these agendas to believe they will remain forever untouchable by the truth of an opposing position. Truth working through a courageous expression of faith will always be seen as a disruptive force in a culture that has submitted itself to the demands of unquestioned compliance.

“Beloved, do not believe every spirit but test the spirits to see whether they are from God”(I John 4:1).

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  1. Angela Kerns

    This is so interesting. Your last line really resonates with me… the idea of “unquestioned compliance”. Tis causing some frustrating controversy in families about now.


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