A Follow-Up on the Domino Word

by | Dec 7, 2020 | Prophetic | 4 comments

Early this morning, I shared a word on my social media platforms and my website under the title “A Single Domino Will Fall.” A couple of hours later, I felt impressed to research the etymology of two words – domino and dominion. What I discovered was very interesting. The root meaning of the two words comes from the same Latin word, “dominus,” which means “lord, master.” I felt the single falling domino I saw in the image could refer to the credibility of the Dominion voting machines used to tabulate the results of our recent election. If the machines are challenged, a justice gate will be opened that will have a significant effect on our nation in the coming days. A few minutes ago, a friend emailed me to share that a judge had just granted permission to forensically audit 22 of the Dominion voting machines used in Michigan.


  1. Kevin Norberg

    In your previous blog post… When I read the Lone Domino vision, here’s what’s playing in my mind’s eye (spirit)… When you pull away from the closeup on the lone domino, a wide shot shows it stands by itself across the room, about twenty feet away from ALL OF THE OTHER DOMINOES that are stacked and in line with each other. When the finger you saw flicks the sole domino, it flies exactly twenty feet and pings off of the last domino in line. That domino falls and, one by one, ALL OF THE DOMINOES BEGIN TO COME DOWN!

    Kill shot!

  2. James Moyer

    This could affect not only the 2020 election but also the outcome of elections going back to 2018, 2016…How far back does the fraud go? 2014? 2012? 2010? 2008? How long have these machines and this software been dominant?

  3. Chris

    Audit 22 Dominion machines?

    The key of David
    Isaiah 22:22

  4. Jill Boman

    This is amazing. I had a dream a few nights ago that seems to go with this. I dreamt of a large palace/kingdom with a river running through the middle of it. Running across a bridge over the river, I saw a giant serpent in the river (my understanding is that snakes/serpents in dreams often represent lies). When I got to the edge of the palace/kingdom there was a room with a secret council type meeting happening in it–I got the feeling that they were people with power and influence who were up to no good, and I didn’t want to be seen by them. Running back the way I came, I saw that the river was now covered in a silvery metallic armor type material so that I couldn’t see the serpent any more, even though I knew it was still somewhere in the river. The color silver, to my understanding, represents domination (very similar to dominion).

    I have been praying fervently for our nation and for corruption to be exposed. I think my dream is related to that, as your vision while praying also seems to be. It goes with another dream I had around the time of the election. I dreamt that I was handing out tickets to an “upcoming new movie about Queen Esther”. At the time I thought it was the Lord reminding me that I was “born for such a time as this”, but I now think it’s more about how Haman’s corruption and scheming was exposed–just as he thought he was about to get what he wanted, he ended up suffering the same fate he had arranged for Malachai to suffer.

    I heard a great saying recently that we play Checkers but God plays Chess, always 6 moves ahead of us. Even though so many are losing hope, I believe God is doing big things right now in our country!


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