A Fork in the Road

by | May 4, 2020 | Change, Family, Freedom, Future, Leadership, Relationships | 0 comments

Some of you are approaching a relational fork in the road. At this intersection, good people with longstanding relationships will disagree over sensitive issues and then choose to take different paths into the future. 

This does not have to be a negative interaction if the hearts of the participants remain open, sensitive, and honoring to each other. God in His great wisdom will help both parties to arrive at a safe place in the future even though they will travel on different paths. 

A healthy spiritual family is bound by the diversity of love, not the similarity of control. Each child will respond to life differently from a variety of convictions, even though they share the same family history. 

In the coming days, resist the desire to control the choices of other people by demanding they see and react to life in the same way as you. This is an opportunity for us to model to the world a diverse faith that invites freedom, not conformity.


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