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In the coming months, people will begin to emerge from a season of great delusion. They will feel betrayed, wounded, and used because they believed what they were told to believe and obeyed the edicts given to them. They entered this season of bondage without exercising discernment that would have allowed them to see deeper than just the manipulated surface evidence that garnered their acceptance and support of the very things that held them hostage. 

When these victims of social and spiritual engineering walk back into our lives, they will need to experience the mercy of God. Our ability to extend mercy will reveal whether in this time of division and separation we carried the compassion of God or aligned our hearts with a spirit of retribution. 

Some will use this time as an opportunity to punish those who were the facilitators and instruments of control used to force compliance. That choice will cause them to live outside the redemptive plan of God.

As you ponder your response to what is coming, do not be too cavalier thinking the choice to extend mercy will come easily. It won’t. It will go against all our natural instincts. God’s justice will have its way if those who profess to follow the Lord choose to walk in His mercy no matter how challenging that choice will be or who it might offend. 

As God’s plan of mercy unfolds, those who created the deception and those who did their bidding, but now see the error of their ways, will join with the mercy-extenders to become a force for change in the Church and culture. God never allows a tragedy to go to waste. It is only a waste if mercy is not present. God’s mercy extended through His followers to the guilty ones will always turn the tables on the plans of the enemy.


  1. Rhonda Rhodes

    Oh, thank you so much for this. This is the very message the Lord has so graciously shared with me this morning, that in both pain and pleasure we are given the opportunity to make His Mighty Powerful Name known through our choice. We choose to trust Him and His Just Judgments for our lives. The wilderness journey has its scorpions and serpents but yet it is the plan of God to take us through this wilderness journey to the land of promise, that flows with Milk and Honey. When we choose to see God as the Supreme Authority in our lives, then we shall know through discernment that all things are working for our good and we shall give HIM praise, our worship, our loyalty our trust! Thank you for this confirmation and Happy New Year

  2. Diana Lynn Katona

    Thank you for this. Many blessings in 2022

  3. elizabeth keith

    we ALL will be affected by the engineering. medical, social, economic. grace and mercy are freely given to us. being an outcast most of my life and again now in this season I am again on the ‘fringe’ but really not if the truth were known. the machinations of the regime we allowed to grow since the 80’s will bear bitter fruit for all. many will stumble and blame God, I will do as Christ commands and minister. we all will need it.

  4. Mike Kludt

    Bother this is a NOW word. I am a witness. Mercy outweighs judgment.

  5. John Curtis

    Yes. And doesn’t mercy triumph over judgement?


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