I heard the Spirit say, “A great unraveling has begun.” We are about to see dark agendas unravel and spill their deceptive contents into the public square of our nation for all to see.  Several recent events have initiated this unraveling. Many people previously convinced these evils were permissible will become horrified when they realize they were duped into believing lies and delusions. This will not be the work of a political or social agenda. It will be a loving work of the Spirit opening the eyes of a nation. It will be God moving upon all people across all social boundaries.

This unraveling will take place because God can no longer bear to see people suffer in the binding shackles of deceptions that defy logic and the created order. This unraveling will accelerate over the next two years. 

Not all will see the truth made visible in the unraveling, but many in America will be awakened to reconsider what they had previously discounted and dismissed. This awakening will create a center of mass of revelation that will move social agendas and public policy in a new direction toward the heart of God and the promise of His Kingdom being manifest on Earth. 


  1. Gwen North

    Wow. This is being filled before our eyes! Thank you so much Mr. Elkins!

  2. David Twitchell

    The scales will fall off and fingers in the ears will be removed. But still some will not believe.


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