A Heavenly Portal Has Opened Over The Northwest

by | Oct 20, 2016 | Revelation, Supernatural, Vision. | 0 comments

Early this morning, I was driving northbound on Interstate 5 heading to a meeting in Eugene, Oregon. For the previous two hours of my drive, I was dividing my time between prayer and surfing the AM band for any available radio signal.                                                              

As I passed the town of Sutherlin, Oregon, I was praying in the Spirit when the image of an artist’s hand holding a pencil entered my field of vision and began to sketch a doorway in the sky. Then the hand opened the door and gave me a look into the heavenly realm. In the doorway, I saw a beautiful angelic being in a white robe with a yellow sash around their waist. The image was so dramatic and intense that I gasped out loud in the car. The image of the open door only lasted a millisecond and then it was gone.                                                                                                                                                

I have hung onto to this experience all day. This evening, as I processed what happened, I received what I believe to be an understanding of this dramatic image. Heavenly portals are opening up over the Northwest region of the United States, especially over the state of Oregon. Angels are on assignment and something is up.


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