A Highway of Worship

by | May 17, 2021 | Prophetic | 0 comments

There is a large sign along Interstate 5 at the northbound exit to Rogue River, Oregon. It is an ad for a casino. One line on the sign reads “just ten more songs”, indicating you only need to listen to ten more songs on your car radio before you arrive at the casino. The ad agency creating the sign did their research. Google Maps says it will take 53 minutes to cover the distance, just a bit over 5 minutes per song. The average popular song is about three minutes and thirty seconds in length. Toss in a few advertisements and the 10-song travel time makes sense.

The road sign caused me to think about the most challenging times in my life when getting to my destination required that I travel along some challenging emotional and spiritual sections of life’s roadways. The only thing I could do in those instances when my ability to control an outcome was removed was to worship my way forward. I could not control the people making decisions that affected my life or the negative circumstances they created. I knew getting bitter would be a death sentence to the possibility of a hopeful future and the restoration of broken relationships.

There are some destinations in life where our safe arrival depends on our ability to worship on our way through the challenges we face in the journey. Worship has the ability to redeem and reform our attitude. Choosing to worship invites joy into our experience. Joy is a powerful traveling companion. 

The quality of the drive time to any destination is as important as the destination itself. If you have a tough stretch of road ahead, start worshipping. The time will pass more quickly and by the time you arrive, most of the things that bothered you at the beginning will have been drowned along the way in a flood of joy in the presence of the Lord.


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