A Last Minute Intervention

by | Nov 5, 2016 | Change, Courage, Deliverance, Freedom, Hope | 0 comments

We are in the final stretch of a spiritual conflict that resembles a relay race. A baton is being delivered to the final runner who will carry it across the finish line. You are the final runner in this race. A baton of truth and a baton of error are both fast approaching your outstretched hand. 

I saw the image of a relay race taking place in a large stadium. You have been watching the other runners on your team make their way around the track. The race has been playing out as a neck and neck sprint. As the third runner approached your position for the final handoff, you saw that someone had switched the baton somewhere during the race. You no longer felt you could carry that false baton across the finish line, but you had already begun to pick up speed to match the incoming runner for the handoff. 

As you were struggling with the approaching hand off you saw another runner running toward you who was not part of your original team. The new runner was rapidly closing the distance and would arrive at your position at the same time as the original runner. As the new runner sprinted forward new lanes formed on the track beneath his feet. In the new runners hand was a baton called, “Original Intent”. The runner with the false baton stretched out his hand in a desperate attempt to thrust the false baton into your hand at the last moment, but the other runner arrived first and delivered his baton. When the replacement baton hit your hand a supernatural infusion of power entered your body helping you complete your final leg in record time and cross the finish line into a place of spiritual victory.

Many have been running an assumed race with a baton and lane designations that are not God’s original intent. Changes were made mid-race and without your participation or input. The race organizers had assumed you would continue to run without interruption or correction accepting whatever baton was placed in your hand. A spirit of inevitability was being used to cloud the mind of your fellow runners and assumed you would do the same. 

A critical race is being run and God is laying down new lanes on a new track for the final leg. God is about to bring unexpected intervention. A last minute baton pass will come out of “nowhere” entering the current delusion without notice changing what appeared to be an inevitable outcome.


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