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The photo depicts the last of Mr. Froggy. Mr. Froggy was a puppy play toy we bought for our dog, Ladybug when she was only 9 weeks old. What you are seeing is the surviving toe of a frog foot. We brought Mr. Froggy home two years ago and he was an immediate favorite for Ladybug. Our puppy’s spiky little needle-like teeth made quick work of Mr. Froggy. Last week, we found the remnant of his memory at the bottom of a basket.

Mr. Froggy reminds me of the seasons of life when we were called to give our all to someone or something. When we exited that season, we felt like a small shredded memory of what we once were. The memory of that season of service and its sacrifice left us chewed, punctured, and not resembling our old selves, but we served faithfully anyway despite being chewed to shreds. 

When I discovered the fragment of Mr. Froggy, I tossed it to Ladybug. She acted like she had just met a long-lost friend. Ladybug became a puppy again when she was reunited with the memory of Mr. Froggy. She tossed Mr. Froggy’s foot in the air and rolled around on the ground in joy. Watching my dog reconnect with a memory from her puppyhood, reminded me of a truth about life.

As we recover from a challenging season of service, those we loved and served during that time will not see that memory as a negative. To them, it will bring back the memory of someone who gave it all so they could experience the joy of spiritual growth under the influence of sacrificial love.


  1. John Anderson II

    Wow! Thanks for a refreshing and inspiring story.

    • Gail Dine

      This morning I was feeling particularly exhausted in body soul and spirit….
      I’d had time with the Lord and as I worshiped I was renewed in spirit and soul (not body 🙄)

      Your post resonated with me from all angles…even if my body feels like Mr Froggy…

      Blessings 🙏🔥


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