A Life Edited by the Love of God

by | Sep 4, 2017 | Faith, Healing, Holy Spirit, Prayer | 0 comments

Recently, I read a profound statement from my friend, Markie Braly who experienced a miraculous healing earlier in the year. The active and vibrant life of this young wife and mother had taken an unexpected turn for the worse. Markie contracted a debilitating disease and was living in a wheelchair. While in Ashland, Oregon on a date with her husband, Markie was approached by a young woman from South Africa who was attending the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California. She asked to pray for Markie. (Watch the video linked below for the beautiful details of this healing). In regards to her life and eventual healing, Markie would later say,  “God wasn’t the author of my pain – but he was the editor.” That profound statement stopped me in my mental tracks. Only God has the right to edit our lives and all His editing is done from a heart of goodness. In times of great pain and suffering, we can forget that truth.

Today, God wants to edit the pain and suffering in your life and more importantly, He wants to edit how you see your struggle in light of His goodness. Nothing in our lives is ever a completed script until God does His final editing work. 



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