A New Way Forward

by | Jul 29, 2021 | Prophetic | 6 comments

Recently, a well-known Christian leader made an interesting comment.  He said as he was switching back and forth between two dominant news networks, each with vastly different worldviews, he came away convinced that our nation is living in two different worlds. He concluded his comments by saying this will not end well. While I can understand his analysis on a natural level, something not ending well is never the end of the story when God is involved. 

The Red Sea crossing was not only an actual event in history revealing God’s miraculous intervention, it has become a metaphor for life in the Spirit. As I was pondering the implications of the comment from the church leader, I saw the image of the children of Israel crossing the Red Sea between two walls of water as they escaped from slavery in Egypt. Imagine the scene. An entire nation of ex-slaves walking across on dry ground looking from side to side at millions of gallons of water separated only by the voice of God. It was an unexpected way forward.

A new cadre of prophetic voices will arise to announce an unexpected way forward at this time in our history. They will not be voices that continue to define and entrench even more the sad reality of our current division and its projected dark outcome. They will be voices revealing a way through and across our impossible divide. These voices will speak in the name of the Lord and the waters of division, both within culture, and sadly, within the Church, will part for those with ears to hear what the Lord is saying. 

When I saw the image of the two opposing walls of water, I noticed within the waters on both sides of the divide the faces of those who had bought into the division and its predicted dark outcome as the only option. They assumed this would be the only way forward. I was concerned with the image until I saw many within these opposing walls begin to pop through the dividing wall and join those being rescued. On their faces were looks of astonishment and amazement at the miraculous intervention of God and the welcome they were given to join in the escape. 

As the image concluded, I was reminded once again, it is the devil, not people with opposing interpretations of reality, who is the real enemy.


  1. Ronald Lango

    Every day at 10:00 a.m. I blow my shofar on my deck as a decree to God to sozo, truth, unity and victory over lies and division.

    Your friend Ron

  2. John Curtis

    Well said. Garris. God is always about hope; not doom. Thanks.

  3. Leah Joy Brown

    Very encouraging!
    Thank you

  4. Opa

    Powerfull post.

    ” Not ending well is never the end of the story when God is involved”

    I am using this post not just for in culture but also other and varying situations.

  5. Linda Hovet

    Love this and pray for us, the Church, to have ears to hear the voice of the LORD who is leading us forward. I agree with John Curtis in that there is ALWAYS HOPE when we are following Jesus!! It is time for the miraculous to break through and for us to walk with our hearts full of HOPE in the God of surprises. Thank you for this encouraging word…

  6. Christina A Colwell

    Wow! I had this or similar vision of the Red Sea i.e. the division of the Sea of humanity. The words, “look not to the right or the left” were spoken and the way out was straight ahead toward the “Promised Land”. Many came out of the sea to join those who were marching toward joyous victory on the other side of the great divide!


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