A Place Called – “The End of a Season”

by | Nov 9, 2017 | Courage, Faith, Father, Favor, Freedom | 0 comments

Some of you feel
like you are in a large room surrounded by closed doors on all sides. You are a
bit confused regarding your next step. This is not intended to be a place of
confusion. It is actually a real place with a real name. It is called, “The End
of a Season.” You have arrived here at the end of what was to discover what
could be. This is a place where you will be asked to engage your faith in a new
and unfamiliar way.

Turn around and
look at all the closed doors that now surround you. Pick the one that most
resembles God’s heart, open it and walk forward. His heart will be your choice.
Step across the threshold and leave this place behind. This moment of decision
is waiting to become part of your history.

God can make any
door you choose work. Select one and God will bless your choice of faith. His
desire is to work with you and walk with you, not control you. This will be an
upgrade in the understanding and exercise of your faith. This will not be God’s
decision to make. It is yours. Make your choice. Trust God and move forward.
Your future awaits your arrival.


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