“A Place for Passion” by Garris Elkins

by | Aug 19, 2013 | Church, Leadership, Revival, Worship | 0 comments

One morning last week, I was praying in our sanctuary.  I was seated near our drum enclosure.  This drum enclosure allows our drummers to
play with freedom and passion, yet not overwhelm the room.  We have the drum set running through our
sound system where capable technicians help each voice and instrument meld
together to produce a wonderful mixture in our worship experience.

As I sat there praying, I looked inside the drum
enclosure.  On the floor underneath the drums
were broken drumsticks – several of them. 
I realized that in this last season our drummers have played with such
passion and freedom they were actually breaking their drumsticks.

I loved what these broken drumsticks were saying to me.  Here were talented drummers, and we have
several, who were able to play with passion and excellence because someone made
a place for them to express their gift without restriction. Our worship pastor
and his team have created venues for expression that has released the passion
and gifts of our worship team.  This is a
truth that could apply to every area of the church and to life itself.

More than ever, I realize one of the most critical
assignments of a leader, in any field of endeavor, is to create a place where
the passion of people can be fully expressed. It is from this place of released
passion that the future direction of our lives and ministries will be


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