A Prayer For Our New President

by | Jan 20, 2017 | Mercy, Peace, Prayer | 0 comments

Father God, bless our new President. May you give him the ability to reach beyond division and fear to embrace the broad spectrum of our diversity expressed in every color, creed, and religion and pull us together in a renewed state of the Union. Release in him the spirit of a father as one newly married into a divorced nation with a mandate to bring healing and restoration to our national family.

May you give each of us the largeness of heart to provide our new President an opportunity to prove himself faithful in the midst of our very diverse perspectives. Surround him with wise counsel. Protect him from evil plots of division and harm. Let this be the greatest season in the history of our nation where every man, woman, and child can feel the loving touch of God administered through the imperfect hands of our shared humanity. In the name of Jesus Christ, let it be. Amen.


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