A Promise Cannot Escape

by | Apr 25, 2019 | Dreams, Faithfulness, Favor, Fear, Future, Grace, Hope, Mercy, Promise, Promotion, Provision, Rest, Trust | 0 comments

Once God makes a promise to you that promise will never be able to escape even when it seems to have disappeared from your sight. God has a plan to reconnect you with His promise and experience the joy of its fulfillment.

I watched a YouTube video showing a police pursuit. When the pursuit reached high speeds through a residential neighborhood the officer deployed something called StarChase and backed off the pursuit. StarChase is a GPS tagging system that shoots a projectile from the police unit at the vehicle being pursued. A sticky substance on the end of the projectile adheres the projectile to the trunk area of the fleeing vehicle. StarChase allows the pursuing officers to back off a dangerous pursuit and safely track, monitor, and eventually locate the suspect vehicle. 

If you are reading this and you feel like a promise has eluded you, don’t let worry fill your thoughts. There are times when a promise will move beyond our reach for a variety of reasons – some of those reasons are out of our control. When this happens it is important to know that God has tagged the promise with your name. It cannot get away because in Jesus all of God’s promises are “Yes!”. Every promise made by God has been tagged with that “Yes!” label and your name. God will be faithful to reconnect you with an elusive promise.  It will be found awaiting your arrival for its time of fulfillment. You can back off from worry and rest in the faithfulness of God to deliver what He promised.


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