A Radical Intervention is Coming

by | Jul 16, 2015 | Church, Culture, Destiny, Faith, Favor, Holy Spirit, Kingdom, Miracles, Power, Promise, Spiritual Warfare, Trust | 0 comments

The Lord is about to perform a radical intervention in the affairs of earth.  This radical intervention will be breathtaking because when God moves in these radical manifestations they will literally take our breath away in a gasp of wonder.

Many are worried about rogue nations gaining nuclear weapons.  I heard the sound of a radical and unexpected intervention by God when just moments before evil was ready to launch a nuclear malfunction took place thwarting a secret plan of darkness.  I saw confused people who had mutilated their bodies in rebellion to God’s created order experience a radical release of His mercy when some of these mutilated ones received restorative miracles to return them to God’s original design. I saw elections take place with surprise outcomes because of the radical promotion of those not deemed viable as candidates by popular culture. God is about to radically demonstrate His presence in our lives and culture.

This radical intervention is not a “turning of the tide” of the status quo.  It will be the creation of new rivers of miraculous demonstration that will appear when God supernaturally intervenes in our lives and culture.  God will do this because many have fallen asleep in the expectation that life will continue on as usual, uninterrupted and moving toward inevitable outcomes.

This spirit of inevitability has caused some to let go of their faith and flow with only what their natural eyes can see or their natural ears can hear.  These radical interventions will be used to awaken God’s people and reintroduce them to the God who parted the Red Sea and made a way forward when no way was visible and when destruction seemed inevitable. No threat of evil or predicted decline of culture is inevitable when the radical God of heaven is involved.


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