I write the following knowing the unease it can create, especially since it is so easy to put our hope in a political process. The Lord gave me an image of Him riding in Washington, DC atop a donkey. The image of a donkey represents the Democrat Party in the United States. A similar image could also apply to the Republican Party represented by the image of an elephant. To be true to what the Lord revealed, I want to stay on script with the original image.

I saw the Lord seated upon the back of a donkey as He rode into our nation’s capital. As the image unfolded so did an interpretation for what I was seeing. God is preparing to surprise those on both sides of our strident cultural divide. He will reveal He is able to impact human hearts through a process of unexpected and unimagined transformation. Through dreams, visions, and visitations from the Lord, some individuals awakened by these encounters will no longer feel comfortable continuing to vote in lockstep with the demands of a political party platform. Instead, they will follow the leading of the Lord and join Him as He rides into Washington. Human politics will be exchanged for Kingdom-focused transformation. As I said earlier in my opening comments, this applies to both parties and all those in between.

As you walk through our over-heated social and political climate, invite God’s Spirit to come and lead you with the wisdom from above. Only God’s wisdom has the answers to the challenges we currently face.  In some cases, unlikely allies will walk alongside elephants and donkeys that will carry the presence of Jesus into the institutions of our culture. These are the people God will use to fill our current cultural and political divide with solutions not possible when our agenda, and not the Lord, is riding atop our worldview.


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