Many of you know I like to cook, especially BBQ. One of my favorites is shredded pork. To begin the cooking process, I select a pork shoulder or tenderloin and slow cook it in hickory smoke. When it is done, I take the meat out of the fire and place it on a large cutting board to rest. After a few minutes, I take two forks and begin to pull apart the meat. This is called shredding. The last step in the process is to put BBQ sauce on the shredded pieces and toss it up to cover all the parts in sauce and then it is ready to serve.

Some of you have had your faith in people shredded.  Betrayal has shredded your trust. Disappointment has shredded your faith in the power of prayer. Sorrow has shredded your hope that a new and bright future is possible. What you have failed to realize is that God can take the shredded elements of your faith and like a BBQ pit master, turn them into something wonderful.

If you are being shredded in this season of your life the shredding has a purpose. God is allowing the disassembly of certain parts of your life so He can reassemble your shredded parts into a gourmet expression of His love. God never wastes a shredding season. He is always preparing something so mouth-watering in the Spirit that once you taste the end product you will understand why it all needed to take place. When God finishes this work in your life you will become a powerful witness able to tell others who are being shredded that the painful process they are undergoing is worth the fire, the smoke, and the shredding.


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