A Significant Replay is Taking Place

by | Dec 25, 2020 | Prophetic | 0 comments

Evidence that has remained hidden because of the premature dismissal of the facts will be revealed in the coming days. Many have moved on and accepted a false narrative hoping that life will return to normal. Normal is an illusion.

Have you ever watched one of those TV police dramas where detectives are huddled around a computer screen reviewing video footage of a crime? Typically, in most of these episodes, the detectives had watched a video clip several times without seeing anything of value when one detective approached the screen and said, “Stop, go back!” At that moment, you know the detectives saw something they had previously missed, something that caused them to see the situation from a new perspective.

The Master Detective is approaching the spiritual computer screen of our lives, and He will tell many, “Stop, go back, and see this from My perspective.” Those willing to see with new eyes will see from Heaven’s perspective.

While our nation tries to move on, and disruptive revelations occur in the public arena offering a different take on an assumed reality, take a moment to review the year 2020 personally. This review is not just a review of the significant news events like COVID-19 or the recent election. Review your response to those issues, especially the demand that you align with an accepted narrative of reality to belong to a group of friends or a particular circle of fellowship. Your response will tell you the adjustments you may need to make to align yourself with God’s replay.

Like TV detectives huddled around a computer screen searching for a lead in a crime, God is approaching us with fresh revelation. He has something to reveal if we allow Him to perform a playback of the year under the revelation of the Spirit. What has been hidden from our eyes will be seen with new clarity.


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