This morning, I read a prophetic word released by Kim Clement in 2014:

“There is a sound that is coming that the world has never heard before. On the day of Pentecost, there was a sound that came and My church was born. But that sound destroyed the powers that would chain them, that would bind them. That sound would be stolen through the ages, but there was always a remnant who kept the sound safely, and that at the right time it would be released. There is a sound, says the Spirit of God, that shall pierce into the darkness and I shall cause a people that have said, “we refuse to accept the judgment of our enemies upon our souls.” God says, today there is a sound of freedom that My prophets have heard – a freedom that I will release and in this next year you shall be surprised at how much liberty and freedom shall come.”

When the Lord asked me to write the book, The Sound of Reformation, He said the coming move of God would not be another model of ministry, rather, it would be a sound. That sound would be taken to the peaks of each summit of cultural influence and begin to change the message we are hearing in our culture. 

Today, examine the sound and content of your voice. It must be the sound of truth spoken in love or it will not have the impact and influence God has planned for your life. Make that adjustment and watch the Lord move in powerful ways.


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