This morning, I am waiting at a car dealership to get our car serviced. While waiting, I went to use the restroom. Once inside, I realized the familiar male-oriented fixtures were not present. In the one tenth of a second it took me to realize my error, I flew out of the women’s restroom to find refuge in the men’s room and recapture my manhood.

There was certainly some sense of humor in my wrong choice of restrooms, but it does teach a lesson. It’s important to read signs, especially the signs of the times as noted in Scripture. In our haste to live in an accelerated pace of life we can miss the signs of the times that are in place to serve as a direction, and in some cases, as a warning. Like the feeling I had in the women’s restroom, when we rush past those signs we will end up in a place where something just does not feel right. We have to do something about those feelings because what they are spiritually transmitting to us requires that we engage in a response for our own good and for our spiritual safety.

A lot is going on today in the realm of the Spirit. Some of you need to make a rapid course correction or you will be found in the wrong place at the wrong time. Follow those impressions of the Spirit. They are given to us to keep us safe and free from the consequence of assumption.

P.S. The women’s restroom was thankfully empty. God is good!


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