A Time for Mercy

by | Sep 26, 2017 | Apostle, Culture, Honor, Kingdom of God, Leadership | 0 comments

Glenn Burris leads the Foursquare Church as its President. Jan and I have been pastors in the Foursquare Church for almost 40 years. Foursquare is an international family of churches founded in the 1920″s by Aimee Semple McPherson. Glenn wrote a very poignant letter regarding an aspect of the immigration policy of our nation. I have attached Glenn’s letter to this note. 

In the Great Depression, the Hispanic community in Los Angeles was in great jeopardy both economically and socially. The famous Hispanic actor, Anthony Quinn, said it was the feeding program of Angelus Temple under the leadership of Aimee that saved the Hispanic community in Los Angeles during that difficult time. We are in another difficult time in our nation. Mercy will always triumph over judgment when it comes to national politics. 

The justice of God is waiting to align with the mercy of God to reveal the heart of God to any culture willing to walk its challenging path. Take a moment to read Glenn’s letter. It was a brave and merciful pen that crafted its content.



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