The warning against “not forsaking our own assembling together” will fall on deafened ears in the coming reformation of the Church. People will not become deafened to the importance of gathering together but to the undiscerning threats made by those who see no need for change.  In these times of “forsaking” most people are not running away from God. They are actually searching for a simple and less complicated expression of the Church. Wise pastors and leaders will see this need and make adjustments to their model of ministry and leave the threats behind.

There is a word of caution. In your frustration do not allow yourself to walk away completely from some form of fellowship. You were not designed to live a life of faith alone and isolated.  In the same text of Hebrews 10 that warned us not to forsake some kind of gathering together, there is a promise of what happens when we do gather. When we meet together we are able to  “stimulate one another to love and good deeds”.We need to actually gather together for this kind of stimulation to take place. The form of that gathering can be very creative and outside the box of your current ministry model. It might even appear less-than-spiritual to your critics but to God, it is how He intended His Church to function without all the trappings and complication we have attached to its expression.

In these times of personal transition, something greater than finding the right place to worship is at work. God is giving you a chance to work on your heart and your attitude. Becoming cold and distant will hinder your ability to express honor to those who don’t see your need for change and who will challenge your decision to leave. Follow the leading of the Spirit. He will be faithful to get you where you need to be no matter what happens. Your part in the process is to remain honorable, forgiving and mature no matter who disagrees with your decision.


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