A Trustworthy Chain of Events

by | Aug 3, 2019 | Change, Death, Deliverance, Faith, Fear, Freedom, Future, Hope, Peace, Word | 0 comments

There are only two things in this life we can stand upon and be secure. Those two things are the love of God and Scripture. Nothing else can provide us with the secure footing required to navigate through the challenging seasons of life. 

Scripture tells us that the perfect love of God casts out our fear. This casting out is not something we do alone as an exercise of our faith while God watches from a distance as we struggle in our pain. When a dark season arrives, we are invited to follow God’s lead in confronting our fear. 

We have a part to play in the expulsion of fear. We are called to partner with God in faith facing the things in our life that cause our concern, but it is His love that does the casting out. Our faith links us to His power and authority over fear. We can shout at the fear as loud as we want, but it is the power and authority of Jesus Christ that makes fear tremble and depart, not our zealous shout of faith. Once we are aware that God’s love is at work in our lives and hell’s lies are being dislodged, a peace comes that Scripture tells us is beyond our ability to comprehend.

If we are not aware of God’s love, and if we are not consuming His word as part of our regular spiritual diet, we will suffer the consequence of feeling adrift, alone and without stability when life throws a challenge our way. Our realization of the love of God brings us peace because we know He will never leave us or forsake us in the depths of our worst trials. Scripture gives us something stable to stand upon when life becomes shaky, and nothing is making sense. 

This is a chain of events. Once we know God loves us, and we allow His word to affirm that reality, a crazy, unexplainable peace begins to enter our mind. That peace has a traveling companion called hope. Hope arrives with a mission to carry us through our personal valleys that are shadowed by death and despair to deliver us to outcomes we never thought possible when the challenge first appeared. This all works together as a heavenly chain of events – our trust in God’s love and His Word, and the arrival of hope. 


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