A Turning Tide

by | Nov 3, 2021 | Prophetic | 4 comments

When Jan and I lived on the Oregon coast, we became familiar with the tidal changes that occurred each day between high and low tides. One of my favorite hikes was around the rocky headlands between our home and the bayfront of Newport, Oregon. The hike required a low tide to open up the pathway. 

Every change between a high and low tide would produce what is called “slack tide” when the water appears still and not moving. A slack tide always precedes a change of direction in the tidal movement of the ocean. This was when I was able to make my hike.

We are coming to the end of a cultural and spiritual tidal change. A season of slack water has discouraged many because it appeared that we were getting no traction in either direction, only opinions and emotional displays fueled by fear, not by faith. But the tide is turning. Sanity and righteous decision-making is on the rise announcing that the season of slack water is ending.

We are cautioned in Scripture to not grow weary in doing good. In long slack water seasons when no change is visible on the horizon we can become emotionally and spiritually weary because we are not seeing the immediate answers to our prayers. Do not allow discouragement to gain a foothold in your thinking. The tide is turning in a new direction. When God is involved, spiritual tides will always change.  Until we see the change take place, the Lord asks us to never give up and to continue trusting in His faithfulness to perform what He promised. 

The headlands of a season of change are being exposed at the end of this low tide slack water season. Previously hidden pathways are becoming visible. The tide is not just turning, it has already turned.


  1. Sarsh Bishop

    We ought always to pray and not lose hesrt!!

  2. Linda

    Thank You Garris
    Sure needed this today
    Bless you and Jan

  3. John Anderson II

    Brilliant metaphor and timely advice, Garris!


    Thank you for this insightful post, Garris. Pathways to retake territory lost are becoming visible.


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