A Word For My Single Friends Who Are Waiting

by | Oct 31, 2015 | Dreams, Faith, Family, Future, Hope, Integrity, Intimacy, Restoration, Trust | 0 comments

You have wondered when – when will they come. In an
unscheduled moment of time a divine encounter will take place. They will appear
like a person who has stepped out from within the fog of your unexplored future. 
In that moment a
seed of hope will be gently planted in the garden of your dreams and before
your eyes love will begin to arise, blooming for a lifetime of harvest.

This is the essence of something God-arranged.  Don’t push it. Resist the urge to sell your
dream to the highest bidder. Chain your desperate heart to the goodness of God.
You are already one.  You will never be
more than one even after you meet the other one and become one. This is a Kingdom
principle. One Lord. One faith. One Church. One people. Our highest
calling is oneness – a gift we already possess no matter our station in life.

Exercise your trust free from the frustrating
measures of expiring time. Do not despair over what could have been. Choose to
not believe the whispered lies of a deceptive fatalism that wants you to live as though that special person will never come or that joy has somehow passed you by, forever

Let God have His way and in the days ahead someone will
walk toward you holding the same breathless expectation you have held in faith anticipating a beautiful moment of embrace and release that only comes to those who have
put their trust in God.


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