“A Word for Oregon and Northern California” by Garris Elkins

by | Oct 9, 2013 | Church, Holy Spirit, Revival | 0 comments

It is about to heat up. There are two kinds of heat coming.  Heat from the religious establishment and heat from the fire of God.  The religious establishment binds people up. Their heat is used to silence and discredit anyone who tries to remove their influence  and control over a region. When the heat from God comes it burns away the cords of that controlling bondage.  As I was praying this morning, I saw an ember falling from heaven into this region.  As I watched it fall, I feared it would go out because it looked so small as it was swallowed up by the surrounding darkness.  Then I heard the Lord say that a wind was following the ember. A region can be set ablaze spiritually by just one small ember that falls into our midst, but it requires the wind of God’s Spirit to fan that small ember into a revival fire and spread its influence to become a move of God. When the ember falls it will be a sign that the wind will shortly follow.


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