You have wisely closed off an area of your life. This is a time for only you and the Lord to have access to that wounded place while it is being restored. You have needed time to heal. 

I was hiking to a high point overlooking the trail system above our home and saw the sign depicted in the photo. The sign was placed at both ends of an unauthorized trail that had created a cut off through a series of switchbacks. The barrier and sign have been in place for a year. In the year since the trail was blocked off the vegetation has grown back and the scar is almost healed. 

Some of the individuals or groups who did the wounding by trampling your life in dishonor now want to hike that part of your life once again. You have wisely set boundaries and rerouted that negative relational traffic. Hold your ground. These areas are not for just anyone to enter. Only trusted and true friends get to visit these areas in your life and that will be at your invitation. You will know when you have found that kind of friend. They are the ones who will never take a wounding shortcut.


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