Activating Our Spiritual Turn Signal

by | Jul 20, 2021 | Prophetic | 1 comment

There are times when we plan to make a change of direction in our lives that we can resemble a driver preparing to make a turn. First, we make a decision to initiate a turn. Then we announce our intentions by activating our turn signals, and finally, we slow our vehicle enough to prepare for the turn, and then, we turn.

The first indication to those around us that we are making a turn is when we engage the spiritual equivalent of a vehicle turn signal. This is the initial announcement of an upcoming personal change of direction. At this point, those watching the vehicle of our life might not believe our announcement. They may offer gentle correction or a questioning look.  Any remaining doubt of our intentions starts to disappear when we begin to slow down our current commitments enough to begin the setup to make the turn. Here is where a version of spiritual road rage and horn honking can take place, especially from those who at first offered a polite challenge to our decision, but now it has become apparent their challenging counsel was not followed. Finally, when the oncoming traffic of life presents a Spirit-led opening, we make the predicted turn and head in a different direction.

Following the leading of the Lord is not always linear or predictable.  There are new seasons that require a direction change before the new season can be experienced. Not everyone will understand your choice of roadways. Give grace to those who object. Extend mercy to the ragers and honkers. At the end of the day, you are not following the opinions of people. You are following the leading of the Lord. As the sounds of rage and disbelief grow distant and you move down farther down a new section of life’s road, bless those who challenged your decision and voiced their opposition. The road of your future will be paved by the same measure of grace and mercy you extended to those who challenged your change of direction. 

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