An Eleventh-Hour Intervention

by | Mar 8, 2021 | Prophetic | 0 comments

I saw the image of a firing squad. The image was set in a city square. People lined the walls of the city waiting to see the victim die. I could see bloodlust in their eyes like a scene from a Roman coliseum event. What was strange in the image was that bandanas were wrapped around the heads of those firing the shots and the one giving the command to “Fire!”, not the victim. The victim’s face was uncovered revealing a peace that only comes from knowing the Lord has a surprise outcome already planned. The person was resting in trusting faith.

As the line of riflemen raised their weapons at the command of the officer in charge, they were not sure where to aim. They could not see their target. The victim remained silent amidst the rising confusion. The targeted person was surrounded by the peace of God, not the fear of man.  In the mounting frustration and fear when the command to fire was given the shots went in many directions, not at their intended target. The errant shots were fired into the hearts of those who offered deceptive evidence who had gathered to watch the execution.

When the image faded, I was left with the impression that God is about to conduct a deliverance that will take place at the eleventh hour, in the fifty-ninth minute, and at the fifty-ninth second. This intervention of God will appear so unexpected and supernatural in nature that all the evidence gathered to create a false guilty verdict will disappear when the smoke settles and the innocent one is still standing. 


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