An Empty Office – A Full Future

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Last night, I took this picture of my office. It was time to clean it out in preparation for our upcoming transition in October. I knew this day was coming and now it is finally here. The pictures, books, notes, photos, old sermon notes and memorabilia from our 15 years of ministry in Medford, Oregon now rested in boxes waiting to be loaded into my truck.

Someone asked me what it will feel like when you “retire” in October? Jan and I have actually never used that word to describe the next season of our lives and ministry. The coming season is proving to be more focused and filled than any previous time in our lives. In this month of August alone, we are out of town ministering in other churches 4 out of the 5 Sundays.

Living Waters Church has released us to be missionaries of sorts to pastors and churches all across the country. The reoccurring theme in what God has us doing is about alignment – aligning individuals and groups to the new future God has planned for them. As I have said before – God is good and He is always leading us to a good place. Jan and I are now in one of those good places standing in the middle of an empty office looking forward to a future filled with God’s goodness.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Pastor Garris! Both you and me are in sync as children in Fathers Family I am writing my final exams just this week and ending this 1 year chapter and embarking on the next! So Father has a few ofHis children kinda on the same schedule! We'the family is a family that is in sync, and on Jesus timetable for us 🙂
    -Sadie Blackwood


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