An Encouraging Word

by | Jun 19, 2014 | Hope, Peace, Prophecy, Trust | 0 comments

Today, I sent the following words of encouragement to a wonderful husband and wife team who are serving God. As I sent this message, I felt the Lord ask me to also post these words for others to read because some of His servants are experiencing a challenging season and they need a word of encouragement. Here are the words I shared that can also be a word of encouragement for you:

“The Lord wanted you to know that He sees your fatigue and what has brought discouragement to you. This is a season where you have wondered what the next step might be. The Lord is about to turn your weeping into a song of joy and your fatigue into a place of newfound strength.”

“The Lord is blessed by your life and your service. None of what is taking place concerns Him because He sees His unfolding plan for you and it brings Him great joy. In the coming season God will reveal the next step to you. Today, He wants you to begin thanking Him for the good thing that is about to come your way. You are being set up to experience a suddenly of God that will both amaze and humble you.”


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