An Unexpected Opening

by | Sep 9, 2018 | Discipleship, Faith, Father, Fear, Freedom, Future | 0 comments

The door of access you have been praying about will soon open, but there will be a surprise. You have been focused on a single doorway into your future, yet the door God plans to open is not the one that has gained your attention. 

You didn’t miss it. Your looking was an act of faith even if your faith was not directed at God’s best for you. A deeper understanding of the nature of God, not how this door of opportunity will open, is what you have been assigned to learn through this experience. 

The Lord is a loving and faithful Father who delights whenever His children seek His will even when those attempts are imperfect. Our misguided acts of faith never diminish His love for us.  He uses them to reveal a deeper understanding of His never-ending patience and goodness.


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