An Unreasonable Faith

by | Nov 25, 2020 | Prophetic | 0 comments

Most of the time, being known as a reasonable person is a good thing. Reasonableness seeks to find a favorable middle ground. That choice, however, will not apply to all situations in all seasons.

There are other times when reasonableness demands we compromise without confronting the reality of what is taking place. That choice becomes an abdication of our responsibility as people of faith. Continuing on a reasonable track leading to compromise when it is evident that something is amiss can become a sin when injustice, lawlessness, and dishonor are at work. Faith does not give us the luxury of sitting by and watching a negative outcome develop without offering at least an inquiry and a challenge to its existence. 

A false sense of pacificism has entered some streams of Christianity. Those that hold this position deem a hard-nosed public inquiry as less than righteous. History has proven this naive choice does nothing to right the wrongs of society. To be a reformer requires courage to stand one’s ground and speak the truth in love, no matter who thinks the challenge is inappropriate, unseemly, or misdirected.


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