Another Chance at Life and Love

by | Sep 21, 2017 | Faith, Trust, Truth, Wisdom | 0 comments

Each day opportunities walk by our lives. Opportunities for love walk by intently glancing our way hoping they will be seen. Breakthrough walks by trying to gain our attention in an attempt to draw us away from our lesser pursuits inspired by fear.  A fresh start offering a second chance after utter failure walks by unnoticed because we are preoccupied and blinded by our brokenness.

If we are not aware of the opportunities of God we can miss what is still available to us if we would only choose to see from Heaven’s perspective. Imagine the sorrow one would feel when they finally realized they allowed an opportunity for love to walk by without reaching out. They would live in sorrow because they allowed a good thing to walk by without sharing the deepest intent of their heart. Some of you have felt the stab of the pain of regret that is produced when love and opportunity are lost because you were afraid of rejection. As you are impaled with a sense of regret over these decisions you need to realize something profound and beautiful is still possible. God never planned to leave you without another chance to experience His goodness.

Nothing is ever lost with God. He is able to call into being that which does not yet exist and resurrect what you have put to death in your disbelief and fear. Your assignment is to reestablish your trust in the God of Heaven. With Him all things are possible. He will let goodness pass by you once again. This time make your choice in faith, not in fear. Ultimately, nothing is ever lost when faith is present.


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