“Are you a Doctor?” by Garris Elkins

by | Aug 8, 2011 | Prophetic | 1 comment

Today, I helped my wife with something I really don’t like to do – moving stuff. A friend donated a load of furniture for us to give away, so Jan and I planned to spend the morning unloading several shipping containers at a local storage facility. We are on vacation so I wasn’t all that excited to be doing anything that was not related to a real vacation.

In route to the storage facility, I stopped at the local supermarket to buy some beverages and snacks for the friends who would meet us to help unload the furniture. As the checkout line moved forward I finally stood in front of the checker.

Out of the blue the checker asked, “Are you a doctor?” I said, “No, but I work for the Great Physician.” The “Great Physician” comment didn’t register. The checker went on to tell me she had a terrible headache explaining her malady like she was my patient and I was her doctor. As other customers began to line up behind me I asked, “Have you ever thought of prayer.” The remark on prayer seemed to hang in the air and this dear woman was not sure what to do with it. Seeing her stalled look I simply said, “Be healed in Jesus’ Name.”

As she went on to finish my transaction, I asked, “How does your head feel now?” She stopped, paused and then looked me squarely in the eye and said, “Better!” Her face carried the look of subtle amazement. As she handed me the receipt I said, “It will get better today.” She then asked me, “What’s your name?” After I told her my name I picked up my goods and left the store.

As I drove on to the storage facility, I realized that many times I can let an encounter like this one slide by because I am on my way to something like awaiting furniture or an important meeting. It is easy to let the clock of earth override the clock of heaven and miss what God is doing. This morning we were able to give furniture away to some wonderful people, but the thing I loved the most about this day was giving the love of Jesus away. That is my kind of vacation.

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  1. ericandash

    So awesome Garris!


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